Premier Anesthesia Seminars


Premier Anaesthesia Seminars, Inc. (PAS, Inc.) has been holding seminars starting 1998 for foremost doctors-anaesthesiologists form all over the world. The seminars were initiated in order to exchange knowledge as well as to share experience between doctors of the sphere.

Premier Anaesthesia Seminars usually last three to four days and are consisted of lectures read by leading professionals of the sphere, presentations of each participant, experience exchange, discussions and debates on new technology or medicine that is going to be used in anaesthetic procedures. The principal reason for providing high-quality educational seminars for anaesthesia providers is to keep them current and updated on the practices anaesthesiology, while also offering an environment for professional exchange with their colleagues from all over the world. PAS, Inc. organises those seminars 2 times a year in the finest hotels of the States such as Atlantis Resort and Spa in Bahamas, Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, Loews Portofino Bay Hotel in Orlando, Florida and other luxurious ones.

The topics that have been formerly discussed during Premier Anaesthesia Seminars were of very high importance and conversant for the time being and served as an experience-exchange and debate ground for the leading professionals of anaesthesia sphere. Topics and matters were deliberated concerning current theories of anaesthesia, the challenging new methods and techniques, new medication and the patient’s body reaction to them, side effects of new anaesthetics, and the proper dosage of drugs being used by anaesthesia provider. The reason behind those themes is to present and arm anaesthesiology specialists with up-to-the-minute information and innovations, which can be instantly combined into the medical practices of each and every one of them.

PAS.Inc, is proud to be the first one that offers long-term and annual educational seminars on the topics of “Legal and Practical Issues of Anaesthesia”, “Ultrasound and imaging in Anaesthesia” and last but not least we were the first ones to pay attention and give a sound to “The Matchless Side-Effects of Anaesthesia”. Those mentioned above, were vital for nowadays, current practices, thus they represent and argue about the challenges the anaesthesia provider has to face every single day. PAS.Inc, is sure to always deliver a unique medical program pattern that will emphasize the latest and innovative medications or methods that concern and have an impact on anaesthesia practices.

Although, there is no information available yet on the upcoming seminars, we would kindly ask you to follow on the future news and updates of our calendar page, to be sure that you are not leaving out of the utmost educational seminars on anaesthesia provided by Premier Anaesthesia Seminars, Inc.

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